CIO Agenda: Facing Challenges in the Era of Digital Transformation

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  • 25 7 月, 2017
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CIO Agenda: Facing Challenges in the Era of Digital Transformation

In the past years the role of IT professionals got shifted towards a more strategic dimension and often comes with the term of „transformation“. Especially CIOs are facing more and more challenges in an environment of digital disruption. 

In the next five years, CIOs expect their companies’ digital revenues to grow from 16% to 37%, according to Gartner’s recent CIO Agenda survey of 2,944 CIOs in 84 countries. Public-sector CIOs predict that 77% of their processes will be digitized, up from 42% today. Massive changes are ahead, and they’re happening faster than ever before.
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During conversations with many of our customers we evaluated a consistency in several topics like ransomware protection, data infrastructure modernization or an enhancement of collaboration and productivity. Organizations that must share confidential data internally and externally rely more and more on private cloud platforms. These give IT the visibility and control required to manage sensitive data, preserve business processes and integrate with existing compliant infrastructures while offering the modern collaboration experience users demand.

To serve these challenges we developed a webinar series covering use cases and showcase recommendations and best practices for CIOs and their teams to face today’s digital transformation challenges. Each webinar will not take longer than 10 minutes and focus on one specific topic.

If you are interested in one or more webinars, but can’t participate at the given time please register to receive a link to the playback shortly after the webinar.

Check out 6 Topics in 60 Minutes and register now!

CIO Agenda will cover the following topics:

Combat Ransomware: Best Practices for Protection & Prevention 
August 01

Digitalization vs. Data Silos: Consolidate unstructured data now!
August 16

Step out of the Shadows: How to provide a user accepted EFSS solution under your control
August 29

Increase Productivity – everywhere for everybody!
September 12

Regulations are coming: Prepare for May 2018
September 26

Encrypted Sharing: Introducing E2EE
October 12 (Talk at it-sa 2017)

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