Cloud Drive PC Client Release 2019

The time has come!

We are continuously working to improve Cloud Drive. 

The Q4 2018 release is focused on fixing major issues before the new version of the Windows client will be updated. We will soon follow with another release session for other platforms like, OSx , iOS and Android).

Issue fixes and Improvements

1. Fixed issue on changing language in Windows client.
2.Fixed issue when unable to install PC Client
3. Fixed issue where an user use “open in browser” feature, it opens the link were the logged in user has his/her primary domain.
4. A new notification is created informing that the storage is full for user.
5. Fixed issue where an user is able to lock a file in a Share when this user has only read rights.
6. Fixed the issue where an Admin user is unable to unlock files.
7. Fixed the issue where an user is able to create link for file on which user only have read rights
8.Fixed on the issue where an user is able to access shares and files even though the account have been deleted. Now, the user is logged out, file cache deleted and a new notification message appears informing the user was not validated.
9. Fixed on the issue where an user is able to login to although device is blocked.

10. Fixed issue when upload gets stuck because a files upload name is missing from the upload queue.

11. Fixed for files not downloaded in cache after they were deleted from local cache.
12. Fixed for empty files that are not uploaded to the server. Also in some cases New Folders are not uploaded to the server.
13. Fixed for the event when an user Start/Stop synchronisation but does not download all files.
14. Fixed issue with Folder being inaccessible after it was created and renamed fixed.

The release will be rolled out on Monday , 14th of January.

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