Home Energy gets smarter as Mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) intersect

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  • 23 6 月, 2017
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Home Energy gets smarter as Mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) intersect

A recent case study from an innovative energy company based in Ireland reveals one of the many aspects of how we can use mobile and connected devices to better manage something as mundane but essential as improving the management of hot water consumption and heating.  While in the US, a limitless hot water supply is taken for granted thanks to large water tanks that supply heated water on-demand, Europeans tend towards a smaller tank system (often referred to as an immersion heater) which heats a small tank to a very high temperature. The switch is flipped on the immersion heater to deliver hot water to showers, bathtubs, faucets etc., taking about a half hour from the flick of the switch to taking that nice steamy shower. As a rule, hot water needs are planned versus having a constant stream of hot water, hence a more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly alternative.

One Irish company has taken this model one step further and with the combined power of sensors, relays and mobile devices, and developed the patent-pending AquaEko water system. Rather than heating a complete tank of cold water to boiling point, only part of the water is heated and made available exactly when that shower is needed. Clever huh?

This is a super example of how innovative thinking combined with the application of physics principles, mobile apps, and connected devices make for more efficient energy usage. Read the full article from EETimes Europe and discover the role that Red Hat played in this.


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