Is your website being marked as ‘Not Secure’?

Hi everyone,

This is an important notice to inform you that, starting with the release of Chrome 68, Google Chrome will prominently mark all non-HTTPS websites as ‘Not Secure’.

If your website is still using HTTP, many of your visitors might already be greeted with a ‘Not Secure’ message if they are using the Google Chrome browser, warning them that they can’t trust your website to be secure.

By displaying ‘Not Secure,’ Google Chrome means that the connection is not secure because there is no SSL Certificate to encrypt the connection to the website so anything sent over the non-HTTPS connection, like passwords or payment card information, will be at risk of being accessed or tampered with.

If your website is not HTTPS-enabled, and you’d like to avoid being marked as ‘Not Secure’, do write to us at and we can share with you regarding the process and costs involved.


ReadySpace Team 

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