ownCloud Marketplace Now Contains Full Enterprise Trial Version

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  • 13 7 月, 2017
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ownCloud is bringing its full set of Enterprise functionalities to the ownCloud Marketplace. This is another big step towards making ownCloud more modular and flexible. In the future you will be able to choose from a variety of apps directly from the ownCloud Marketplace – that means its now easier than ever to adapt your ownCloud to your specific use case.

From now on, the ownCloud Enterprise Apps are directly available and easily downloadable via an application bundle containing all extensions of the ownCloud Enterprise Edition. And it installs them with just one click. This guarantees an easy access to all Enterprise functionalities during a 30 days testing period. 

After your trial expires you can easily upgrade and keep the Enterprise Apps (and all stored data) by simply contacting our sales team. 

You want to test the Enterprise Apps right away? Start here.

Here are the Enterprise App features in short:

File Firewall
Protects your files based on predefined rules. The administrator can specify which kind of requests may or may not access the files in your ownCloud – and by that build exactly the kind of protection you need.

Gives you the means to log every action on your ownCloud instance in a separate logfile. It enables you to monitor what has been moved, deleted, shared, from whom and when. This is needed for legal compliance in many use cases.

Makes collaborating a breeze by autotagging files. The app lets you define criteria to automatically assign tags to uploaded files. Based on those tags automated file operations (‘Workflow actions’) like File Retention (automated file retention periods) can be conducted.

ownCloud X Enterprise Theme
ownCloud X marks a new generation of ownCloud with a major focus on extended security, performance and productivity. The updates in our UI now offer an even more intuitive user experience for all ownCloud Enterprise users.

LDAP Home Connector
Mounts the users Windows Home Directories within an ownCloud instance. Each user can so access their individual home directory with their LDAP login data through ownCloud.

External Storage: Windows Network Drives
The backend to use Windows Network Drives, Samba or CIFS shares as external storages. It enables admins to configure ownClouds access to existing Windows and Samba shared network drives. This application is different from the LDAP Home Connector. The Windows Network Drive does not require any LDAP/AD attribute, can integrate multiple Windows Network Drives, and accesses these with the user credentials.

Object Storage Support
A Backend to integrate object storage as primary storage.

External Storage: SharePoint
Enables you to connect ownCloud to SharePoint document libraries.
Once a SharePoint document library is mounted by the admin, users see a folder structure that mirrors their SharePoint document library. Users can selectively sync these files to the desktop, or access them on a mobile device like any other ownCloud file. The files, however, remain stored in SharePoint as the system of record.

SAML/Shibboleth User Backend
Provides Single-Sign-On by enabling an ownCloud instance to authorize users against an Identity Provider (IDP) with SAML/Shibboleth.

Collaborative Tags Management
Is a complement to the ‘Collaborative Tags’ application and gives administrators control over the collaborative tags of an instance. Admins can add new tags, delete and update existing tags and specify tag properties in addition.

Password Policy
Enables administrators to define password requirements like minimum characters, numbers, capital letters and more for all kinds of password endpoints (user passwords, public link sharing passwords). The admin can also enforce expiration dates for public link shares.

To showcase the new trial process, we created a short video for you:

Owncloud is an open source app available in Cloud Server Webuzo

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