Parallels RAS integrates with Microsoft App-V

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Microsoft App-V

Parallels RAS supports Microsoft App-V, enabling administrators to remotely deploy, update, and support applications as services through one single pane of glass.

Parallels RAS and Microsoft App-V

Parallels RAS integrates with Microsoft App-V, allowing administrators to publish packaged applications and reducing the need to remediate application conflicts that rely on App-V separation and isolation capabilities to run applications on the operating systems. Application updates can be delivered from a central location, streaming the delivery directly to the servers. In addition, the use of App-V’s structure RDS CALs is automatically included in the license; no separate license for RDS CALs is required.

What Is Microsoft App-V?

Commonly known as App-V, Microsoft Application Virtualization is a component of Windows server operating systems. It provides separation and isolation capabilities for applications running on the operating system.

The App-V Server provides a centralized console to manage the App-V infrastructure and deliver applications to Windows servers.

Most organization desktop applications can be virtualized with App-V. There are some restrictions, and situations that might work but best to avoid.

Organizations won’t be able to deploy 100% through App-V, so some things will go out through another method. Maybe they will be in the master image for the operating system, maybe you’ll use SCCM (or other ESD solution) to deploy MSIs for native install, maybe you’ll use a masking (FSLogix) or layering (UniDesk, etc) product. App-V can probably support a much higher percentage of your applications than any one of the other techniques, so most customers will start with looking a virtualizing new application requests with App-V first and using another method as a fallback.



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RAS is available in Cloud Server RAS.Contact us to find out our latest offers!

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