Planned update of Cloud Drive Service

Planned update of Cloud Drive Service

Service Affected : Cloud Drive –

Dates : Anytime between 17th Dec 2018 to 23rd Dec 2018.

Expected downtime :1 minute.

This release contains bugs fixes and improvements with focus on Cloud Drive Web Client

  1. Links from user invitations and reset password emails have been updated to be valid for 3 days. Currently link are valid for 3 hours, which has proven to be a too short period to allow the user active his/her account or reset the password.
  2. A notification message was added when the logged in user is trying to reset his/her password from another link than its primary domain.
  3. Files and folder events reports have been modified to show events on all files in a folder/share, not only events for the selected file.
  4. Search Files submenu has been removed under the Administration menu in the Reports section. In the next version the Reports menu will redirect automatically to the Audit page.
  5. Delete file event was not logged correctly. When deleting a file the audit report showed the file was deleted by the user create file, causing confusion if the user that deletes the file is different from the one that created it.
  6. Sub-shares appears as a standalone share in Administration menu in Share section. Currently the Shares view shows all the shares. Shares containing Sub-shares can be expanded in order to view all the existing sub-shares, so there is no need to show the sub-share as standalone shares.
  7. Fix for uploading two files with the same name. Currently it is possible to upload two files with the same name on the same folder. This is caused by the fact that encoding of special characters are done in a different manner.The name strings look identical but there is a difference at byte level so when the 2 were compared they resulted as different but from the end user perspective they look identical.
  8. Not all files/folders are downloaded from a share. When downloading a large share containing more than 2000 files the downloaded archive does not contain all the files or than complete folder structure. Results vary for each download attempt.
  9. Application crashes when uploading a folder from Internet Explorer.
  10. Fix for downloading for files that takes more than two minutes. Downloading a file from the Web Client directly or via public link that takes longer than two minutes was not possible. This represents a problems when trying to download large files or when having slow internet connectivity.
  11. Filename not downloaded correctly in Internet Explorer and Edge. When having a filename containing special characters Internet Explorer and Edge downloaded the file with the filename changed.
  12. Fix for download file using context menu in share view.
  13. Fix for viewing deleted files in share view.
  14. Added message if an error occurs while trying to copy a file. Error messages appear in you are trying to copy the file on a share on a different domain or if the company has reached its storage limit.
  15. Fix preview file from the context menu using Firefox.
  16. Removed file history options for users with read rights on a filea user with read rights.History option must not be available for users that have only Read rights on the Share in question, regardless of the user role, the user must be able only to download and preview files.
  17. Links page does not loaded if a domain if not available.
  18. Two instances of public link is displayed in the Links list. When creating a new link to a file the links where displayed two times as two links would have been create.
  19. Fix for deleting several links in at a time.
  20. Added validation message when trying to create password protected links and do not fill in the password field.
  21. Session not valid. Currently if you are logged into the Web Client is you refresh the page or press the back browser button you are redirected to the login page. We have made some changes to remember you credentials until you log out. The same issue was present if you opened a page in a new tab.
  22. History settings max days and version not saved correctly in the Account section under the Administration menu.

If you have any questions with regards to this update, please contact us through our customer service.

Happy Cloud Driving!

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