Security News – Hacking Alert!

Have you heard the news? SingHealth was hacked, with over a million people having their personal data stolen! We’ve been emphasing repeatedly the importance of protecting your data. Sure, it’ll involve some spending – but isn’t your data worth protecting?

So, what can ReadySpace do for you? We can …

– Provide multi-pronged security for your website, applications and email.
– Harden your server and patch vulnerabilities. 
– Back-up your data so it can’t be lost through malicious attacks or equipment failure.
– Monitor your services for downtime or unusual behaviour.
– Fully-managed security services.

Don’t take risks with your data any longer. Get in touch with us to talk about how we can give you the security you need by writing to

Be safe! 🙂

ReadySpace Team 

(SingHealth hacking news:

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