The Evolution of MDaemon – 1996-2019 & Beyond!

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  • 18 1 月, 2019
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In the early to mid nineties, our founder and CEO Arvel Hathcock recognized the need for a less expensive, easier to manage alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server for small-to-medium businesses. With solid programming skills and an entrepreneurial spirit, he created the MDaemon Email Server and launched Alt-N Technologies.

Through word of mouth among IT professionals and with the help of great channel partners, the popularity of MDaemon spread to customers across the globe. Over the years and in various geographies, the product name became more recognized than Alt-N Technologies. To better leverage the name recognition that had been built over the many years of MDaemon email server popularity, the company was renamed to MDaemon Technologies in January of 2018.

Helping the World Communicate

From the introduction of Webmail in 1997 and instant messaging in 2001, to support for third-party XMPP chat clients in 2016, MDaemon has helped improved communication for businesses in over 90 countries.

Focused on Security

Alongside these communication features came enhancements in security. IP Shielding, which is used to help prevent spoofing by blocking messages from unauthorized IP addresses, was introduced in 1996 before MDaemon even had version numbers (for some great historical information, check out the Ancient-History.txt file located inside the MDaemon/Docs directory). Relay control was added the following year, with many new security features added with each new release. In 2005, MDaemon became the first Windows-based email server to offer DKIM (Domainkeys Identified Mail) as a new tool in the fight against spoofing. And to address the growing need to protect confidential data and  meet growing regulations in health care, finance, and other industries, email encryption with OpenPGP was added in 2015.

Sharing & Collaboration

MDaemon’s collaboration tools have evolved over the years  as well. Instant messaging was added in 2001, followed by shared calendars and groupware in 2002 and 2003. Scheduling meetings with multiple attendees was made easier by the addition of free/busy in 2006.

As business communication needs evolve, so does MDaemon, with new features on the way for 2019.  If you’d like to be among the first to benefit, follow us on twitter for the latest news & product updates.

Here’s to an exciting and productive 2019!


MDaemon pre-installed in Cloud Server Windows. Contact us to find out our latest offers!

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